Art 370: B&W Photography I (5 credits)

Fundamentals of black and white developing, enlarging, print finishing. This introduction course is structured to establish a solid grounding in traditional, lab-based photographic art practices and includes an introduction to basic digital applications. All photography course work puts an equal emphasis on theory, techniques, and the history of photography in a contemporary context.

Art 371: B&W Photography II (5 credits)

This is an intermediate level course concentrating on black and white, which offers students an opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills, and concepts through, seminars, readings, exhibitions and professional practices. It stresses the development of personal style through concentrated studies in specialized materials and processes ranging from traditional lab-based technique to digital applications. Repeatable to a maximum of 15 credits, including original course.

Art 372: Color Photography (5 credits)

This course focuses on the fundamentals of color theory, techniques and the experimentation as related to the production of color images. It explores both traditional lab-based and digital investigations. Repeatable to a maximum of 15 credits, including original course.

Art 373: Photography Alternative Processes (5 credits)

This course explores the history and practice of alternative forms of image construction and processes. It covers numerous traditional and contemporary photo techniques, from non-silver techniques (Cyan, Van Dyke) to the construction of digital negatives. The course will address historical and contemporary applications of alternative processes. Class time consists of hands-on demonstrations, slide presentations, supervised darkroom time, individual and group discussions. Repeatable up to 10 credits, including original course.

Art 470: Advanced Photography Seminar (5 credits)

Using a small group dynamic to critique and exchange ideas based on readings, visiting artists and theoretical inquiry, this class explores contemporary concepts surrounding the production of photography. The course consists of self-directed projects, which afford students time to produce a substantial body of research-driven work which reflects their individual interests. Repeatable to a maximum of 15 credits, including original course.

Art 492: BFA Project (3 credits)

Students develop a self-directed body of work under the supervision of their faculty committee, independently researching the materials, techniques, processes, subject matter, critical issues and related artistic production that will contribute to their creative project. Repeatable to a maximum of 9 credits, including original course.

Art 493: BFA Exhibition (3 credits)

In consultation with their faculty committee, students prepare their work for presentation and research materials, display methods, installation formats and venues. They construct frames, pedestals and other supporting structures; document their work; and prepare and produce explanatory materials for the BFA exhibition and related promotion and publication. Repeatable up to a maximum of 9 credits, including original course.


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