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Vancouver Field Trip 370 & 371 Winter 2015

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We had a great visit to both MOA and the VAG this week. Thanks so much to Nuno Porto and Diana Freundl who gave us such comprehensive walking tours of the exhibitions.




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Title: RE-Introducing POLAROID

Exhibition dates: Feb. 9 – 16, 2015

Location: Fine Arts Hallway Exhibition Space

Historically recognized as the bridge, or the transition, between analog and digital, Polaroid initiated questions regarding instant imaging versus the methodical process of analog. Polaroid immediately impacted the broader culture from pornography to criminology and medicine. It became an institutional favorite/icon/staple. As “media babies” or a generation of image makers who can easily produce thousands of images a day, this project asks you to consider the nature of instantaneous object. Unlike digital imaging, thePolaroid produces and artifact; touchable, tangible, and tactile. Exploring the impact of Polaroid on the broader society and its recent resurrection should be the starting point for this project.


Press Poster

Contact: Garth Amundson 650-3436 or 393-2650

On Wednesday, November 19, 2014 please join us at the Western Gallery for the closing of the “Traveling Eye Art Auction and Exhibition.” The Gallery will be open Wednesday from 10am-8pm, the FINAL SILENT AUCTION will take place from 5-8pm.

This auction and exhibition features a vibrant array of donated works created by artists reaching from Florida to Vancouver, B.C. The work ranges from established artists to emerging artists. Including works by: Rodney Graham, Jess T. Dugan, Rebecca Cummins, and Dianne Kornberg. Work by Western students will also be available for purchase.

The work is priced at a fraction of its market value, and all proceeds from the auction sales will contribute to Travel Scholarships available to Western students participating in the national SPE conference in New Orleans, 2015.

The Society for Photographic Education is a nonprofit membership organization that provides and fosters an understanding of photography as a means of diverse creative expression, cultural insight, and experimental practice. Through it interdisciplinary programs, services, and publications, the society seeks to promote a broader understanding of the medium in all its forms through teaching and learning, scholarship, and criticism.

Exhibition: September 29-November 22, 2014
Final Silent Auction: Wednesday November 19, 2014 5-8 P.M.
Location: The Western Gallery, Fine Arts Building, WWU, Bellingham, WA.
Contact: (360) 650-3900

List of participating artist: Garth Amundson & Pierre Gour, Kimmiree Bolla, Kai Caemmerer, Carrie Cooper, Stephen Crompton, Greg Crooks, Rebecca Cummins, Dennis DeHart, Jess T. Dugan, Ellen Garvens, Stuart Gibson, Rodney Graham, Ryan Hargis, Megan Harmon, Alicia Hatfield, Kelly Hill, John Holmgren, Spencer R. Isitt, Jonathan Johnson, Robin Jones, Annmarie Kent, Allyson Klutenkamper, Dianne Kornberg, Frankie Krupa-Vahdani, Kenda North, Klaus Pinter, Alyssa Pitcher, Jennifer J Saracino, Annie & Nick Shepard, Robin Sizemore, Dylan Vogel, Collin Whalen, Carly Zufelt

For disability accommodations call 360-650-3939


SPENW 2014 Conference, Hosted at WWU [October 2014]

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I’m happy to report that the weekend was truly a huge triumph. Rodney Graham’s Keynote Lecture was brilliant, Featured Speaker Jess T. Dugan’s presentation and exhibition will stimulate dialogue for years to come, and Rebecca Cummins’ graceful acceptance of her Honored Educator distinction was touching.

In addition, we were lucky enough to participate in the inaugural celebration of Lunar Drift, the new addition to the Western Sculpture Collection, created by Rebecca Cummins and Paul Demarinis. The exhibitions that punctuated the conference continue to be on display throughout campus: The Traveling Eye Auction and Exhibition, TRANSCENDENCE by Jess T. Dugan in the VU Gallery, Dianne Kornberg’s Madonna Comix in the Western Gallery, and the Western Photo Students’ PHOTOPALOOZA exhibition in the B Gallery.

The nearly 40 presentations, panels, and workshops held throughout the weekend were awe-inspiring, thought provoking, and challenging. Topics ranging from alternative process to cutting edge technology, from theory/concept to practice/application, the variety, depth, and caliber was incredibly impressive!

Quinton Maldonado Selected to be Artist in Residence at Shannon Point

photoQuinton is diligently working on a new body of work at Shannon Point this summer. After having been selected to work  with marine biologists at Shannon Point Marine  Center. The Shannon Point Marine Center and the  College of Fine & Performing Arts are jointly sponsoring a  summer internship for WWU undergraduates who are majoring  in some aspect of the arts. The internship is part of the marine  center’s well-established summer program for undergraduates.  The student selected to receive the internship will join other  students from WWU and from around the nation who will be  spending nine weeks in residence at the marine center located in Anacortes, WA.


Summer Course 2014 – COMPLETED!


Although the summer class was not a huge group it was a mighty one. Thanks to Dana Ollestad we had over 10 Skype visiting lectures, a multitude of new multi-media projects, and a fantastic trip to Vancouver which included a walking tour of the Rodney Graham show and an amazing visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery. My only regret is that we didn’t have more students to share this dynamic experience with!

It was a thrill to meet new students and to work with some new art majors as well. The diversity of the classroom experience and the quality of the work produced was most impressive. As someone who has taught at Western for nearly 14 years I know this type of interconnectivity is not always guaranteed. This summer class was a real treat!

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